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EV Go Home

Joined the Electric Vehicle (EV) Club?

Good news - we now install EV chargers!

Charging at home could save you a substantial amount compared to public charging stations. For those with solar panels this is even more attractive as the electricity generated from a renewable source further reduces your carbon footprint and cost of electricity.

You can still charge your EV vehicle with a normal 10amp plug but, like waiting for Christmas, it takes a long time. A 32A EV charger can give your vehicle a full charge from 0% in 8 - 10 hours . This would mean you can get home from work, plug your car in and rest assured that you can go full charge the next morning.

What's involved is a new circuit from the switchboard with its own RCBO, an isolation switch and the EV charger itself. 

Give us a call and get yourself EV ready!

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