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Joined the Electric Vehicle (EV) Club?

Good news - we now install EV chargers!

Charging at home could save you a substantial amount compared to public charging stations. For those with solar panels this is even more attractive as the electricity generated from a renewable source further reduces your carbon footprint and cost of electricity.

You can still charge your EV vehicle with a normal 10amp plug but, like waiting for Christmas, it takes a long time. A 32A EV charger can give your vehicle a full charge from 0% in 8 - 10 hours . This would mean you can get home from work, plug your car in and rest assured that you can go full charge the next morning.

What's involved is a new circuit from the switchboard with its own RCBO, an isolation switch and the EV charger itself. 

Give us a call and get yourself EV ready!

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The 2022/23 summer is soon upon us and with the rising costs of living, your electricity bill certainly won't be spared. Here are some tips to have some spare cash in hand.

Handy hints and how to stay cool without burning your cash:

Tip 1:

Replace existing halogen down lights to LED down light kits. Not only does this save up to 75% of power but you get more light output for your dollar. On average a normal halogen globe will give you 500 lumens (light measurement). The new LED down lights can give you 850 lumens. If you are concerned with your house being too bright I highly recommend a dimmer. Gives a great ambiance to a movie room or dining setting. Many LED down light kits are now tri-colour which means they have three light warmth settings to choose from namely Warm, Neutral and Cool. So if you fancy a change in scene down the line you don’t need to fork out extra cash.

Tip 2:

Try and sacrifice a degree here and there when it comes to heating and cooling. If you have your AC set to a slightly warmer temperature it can save you dollars down the line. The same goes with the heating with a lower setting. If you find yourselfwearing shorts and Tees in the middle of winter then slap on a sweater and pants instead and lower that thermostat.

Tip 3:

Try and not leave lights on for the ghosts. If you are not in a room then switch the lights off. It sounds like old advice but anything that is not being used, turn it off!

Final tip:

Try and use less water when boiling the kettle as no need to be boling a Litre of water for a quick cuppa. The longer it takes to boil the smaller your savings. Remember, anything that heats is expensive to run.

Hopefully these cool tips will keep you from getting hot headed over rising power costs!

All of the unlikely events with an electrical issue, faulty appliance or tripping power tends to fall just before a long weekend. This struck again with a night call on the Friday that the customer had lost half of their power to the house. I tried to walk them through some easy electrician fault finding steps but to no avail. So Carling Electrical became their Somerton Park electrician this cold night on the cusp of a long weekend. I normally have some tricks that would lead me to the fault fast but these were coming up with nothing. Unfortunately it came down to splitting the cables throughout the house to track down this menacing fault.

The customer was telling me while working that they were happy that at least one 24 hours electrician answered their phone as many would have gone away for a quick holiday. I did not want to let them down and decided to get some extra info to find this fault fast. When you are fault finding it is a lot of detective work both physically and with some verbal investigation. I found out from the wife that about 2 weeks prior they had a leak repaired and fixed on the far wall but that should have nothing to do with it.

That was my next port of call and with that vital clue I found the issue. The power points on the wall had been getting damp from the initial leak upstairs and had rusted over the terminals. I dried out the cables and made it so no moisture can return. The power points needed replacing but at least I was able to restore the power to the house. So this electrician job was a success and next time instead of them looking for any cheap electrician or southern suburbs electrician, they assured me they will call Carling Electrical.

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