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Christie Downs Electrician Hot Water Job

Recently I had a job where the customer had been a Christie Downs electrician though no one could come out to them. They asked their friend and were referred to Carling Electrical which resulted in us coming down in their hour of need. The issue was no hot water was present at all. Upon asking questions they told me the electric hot water system was recently replaced two days prior. This was puzzling as the tradesman had not checked the operation when finishing and told the customers to consult an Adelaide electrician for further investigation. The issue was found promptly which was a tripped circuit breaker in the main switchboard located at the front of the units. An easy remedy but I felt sorry for the customers who had been taking freezing showers for days.

I informed the customers that if they ever need another electrician job or a 24 hour electrician that will respond, they can call Carling Electrical. The customers were very happy and looking forward to a hot shower. We do take the simple things in life for granted and it is only when they are taken away we realize our true dependence on them. Hopefully if they are in a tight spot again, instead of searching electrician Christie Downs they will call Carling Electrical for a free electrician quote.


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