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Seacombe Gardens Electrician fault finding job

When having any electrical appliance in your house you need to be mindful that at some point you need an electrician to either replace or perform maintenance on it. It is up to the occupant to decide when is the time to call an electrician based on suspicion of a fault. I received a phone call from a customer who had been searching electrician Seacombe Gardens on the web and found myself. The customer had stated that their oven was not working and wanted a local electrician to come and fault find.

Upon arriving I started fault finding on the electric oven and found the issue quite fast. The previous person whom the customer had used had not tightened the connections at the back. This had resulted in some arcing and melted the back panel which is very dangerous. The customers were both relieved and shocked. The previous electrician who shall remain nameless was an Adelaide Southern Suburbs electrician that was obviously in a rush. It is best to keep in mind that when hunting for cheap electrician Adelaide, you have a chance of finding the odd lemon. Try and look at their reviews on Facebook for a clue on the quality they offer.

We used this chance to replace their oven for a new electric oven installation. The customer was happy with Carling Electrical and happy they had searched Electrician Seacombe Gardens and found myself.

If you are ever in the slightest doubt then call Carling Electrical on 0404652862 for a free quote. We are available any time and also for emergencies we are a 24 hour electrician you can trust to do a great job at good rates.


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