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Electrician Warradale

If in the past will surfing the web with terms like electrician Warradale you have come up empty then now Carling Electrical can fill that void. 

LED down lights have made a great leap in past years from a very dull looking light to something that has exceeded halogen lighting. The brightness downlight is measured in lumens and the higher the number the brighter it will be. Also you can pick the colour temperature of the light. 3000k is warm, 4000k is cool and 6000k is daylight. The shades go from a yellow to a blue in temperature to give you an indication what would fit best. This is a great way to lower your costs in Warradale as any existing down lights can be converted to LED quite simply.


Carling Electrical can be your Warradale electrician to help you out with your cost saving needs. We are happy to come out and give a free quote and ideas for your future projects.

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